Collectie Arnhem 2017

Freedom! Inconvenience! Madness! And a hard-boiled egg… the press release for Collectie Arnhem 2017 – that resulted from my communications workshop with these 3rd year fashion students at ArtEZ – literally oozed with fashion’s newfound optimism and extrovert creativity. Yellow, the colour of the sun and the sole colour in the entire collection, made everything beam with hope. Well done Iris Bambacht, Anna Bernal-van Geenhuizen, Douwe de Boer, Guusje de Bruin, Jolijn Corporaal, Emmy Hermans, Amarens Joustra, Sarah Kerbosch, Merrit Koek, Gina Malagodi, Naomi Marcela, Mehdi Mashayekhi, Alicia Minnaard, Nina Pen, Dennis Schreuder, Maria van Steenoven and Amber Willemztijn, the presentation at …,staat’s NewWertheater was delightful!

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