RIETVELD ACADEMIE Fashion class of 2018

Years literally fly by teaching at Rietveld, but I guess its never too late to publish our students achievements. So here I proudly present the fashion graduates who showed their final collections in the former ship yard NDSM Loods in Amsterdam North on 6 June 2018.

Jahmuna Mcclean
Galatée Martin
Antonina Maria Paw lowicz
Tatiana Quard
Nikola Cemanová
Lieselot Elzinga
Sonia Witwitzka
Anna Myntekær Sørensen
Yana Monk
Yaroslav Glazonov
And the brilliant remake of the entire March Issue of British Vogue, fashion detox style, with Rietveld students and teachers in simple white tee and jeans replacing all models, by fashion graduate Sonia Tet in collaboration with Graphic Design graduate Line Arngaard.
Yes, ‘yours truly’ had the honor of modeling in ‘A March Issue’ too….

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