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RIETVELD ACADEMIE Fashion class of 2013

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

The new semester has already kicked off with a fresh new batch of ambitious fashion students, and I still have to salute the graduate class of 2013! Shame on me. It was a pleasure to have these talents in my class: Niki Milioni, Tumay Faydaci, Alla Kuzmik, Charlotte Beeck, Duran Lantink end Verena Michels. This here is only a selection of photo’s from their graduation show at Amsterdam pop temple Paradiso, by the amazing Team Peter Stigter.

My personal favorite: Verena Michels

'AFARBEITUNG' by Verena Michels

Power to women in crisis

New decadence by Duran Lantink

The 'Lick my clit - I'll suck your dick' dressNew decadence by Duran Lantink

3D printed devinity shoes by Duran Lantink

Trucker-tastic by Charlotte Beeck

On the Road with Charlotte Beeck

Alla Kuzmyk's brave new Ukrainians

Ukrainian folklore by Alla Kuzmyk

Its my party... by Tumay Faydaci

Monistic Group Dynamics in fashion by Tumay Faydaci

Detail and jewelry by Niki Milioni

Grow with me outfit by Niki Milioni