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Monday, June 18th, 2012

In a series of interior stories I have done with photographer Kasia Gatkowska this one of designer Stef Bakker’s new Amsterdam apartment was featured in the june issue of Elle Decor Italia. As Stef Bakker is designing the all new and improved interior my own modest Amsterdamse School house – together with his amazing assistant Joren Naerebout – I am especially pleased to share the PDFs and an english version of my write up.



SALON/1: Mode is.

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

During the recent Amsterdam International Fashion Week I had the pleasure to collaborate with designer Stef Bakker and graphic designer Carsten Klein on this ‘open source’ installation called Mode is., as part of SALON/1. Amsterdam’s most celebrated designer store Van Ravenstein offered us their next door gallery space and from thursday 15 till sunday 18 July SALON/1 visitors could leave their thoughts on fashion on large strips of paper, which could then be hanged in a ceiling high wishing tree made of metal hangers. At the end of each day the ‘harvest’ was shared with everyone who had left behind their e-mail address. We were delighted with the result, a long list of highly diverse statements about fashion, most of them rather serious and passionate, some downright desperate or revolting. We look forward to repeat the experiment and keep on growing this tree of fashion thoughts.


Please note: there’s a little interview with Manon Schaap, one of the SALON initiators, on JCReport


Click below to read the harvest of this Mode is. tree (as yet untranslated, so there’s a lot of Dutch, and some German in there, as well as a few hidden inspiration quotes originating from famous designers or philosophers)


La jouissance de soi-même

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Deluxe feelgood interior designer Stef Bakker invited me to add some word magic to new place in town BO CINQ. I haven’t had such fun writing in quite a while. Here’s a preview of the place, courtesy of photographer Mandy Pieper (more ‘text art’ pictures coming up!) The “LA JOUISSANCE DE SOI-MEME” title you’ll find above the brasserie entrance on Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 53-59 deserves a little footnote: it being the title of the very first Libertine manifest dated 1759, written by a Marquis Caraccioli who lived in Paris at the time. His erudite pledge for accepting life’s pleasures free of sin were not quite as much appreciated in his day.

The smoker's lounge offers plenty of space for changing dialoques like this curious snibbit from Waiting for Godot

The smoker’s lounge offers plenty of space for changing dialoques like this curious snibbit from Waiting for Godot