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Moderating MODEVOLK @ O-P-A

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Talking about fashion…. it was an honour and great fun to moderate this evening about fashion and identity titled MODEVOLK, held at Ontwerp Platform Arnhem (O-P-A) on October 20th, 2016, where my former student Duran Lantink presented his Sistaaz of the Castle project that he did with that other Rietveld alumnus Jan Hoek (their project won the Dutch Design Award in 2016), and where Museum Rotterdam curator Sjouk Hoitsma talked about her ROFFA 5314 project. The take away of the evening was that any form of cultural appropriation that does not involve the actual culture is totally last century.

Modebelofte 2013 ‘Future Fashions’

Monday, October 28th, 2013

During Dutch Design Week, from october 19 till 27 in Eindhoven, my lovely client – the award winning concept store You Are Here – organized the magnificent fashion talent exhibition ‘Modebelofte 2013 – Future Fashions’ in the historic and yet to be renovated barracks of the military police. The handsome location called Kazerne got a great kick start to it’s new life as a cultural hotspot. It was an honor to collaborate – copy wise – on the ‘Modebelofte 2013 – Future Fashions’ exhibit showcasing the phantasmagorical new tech and hyper crafted works by designers Ana Rajcevic, Duran Lantink, Jef Montes, Matija Cop, Mi-Ah Rödiger, Pauline van Dongen, Sadie Williams, Silvia Romanelli, Stephanie Baechler, Volker Koch, Wim Bruynooghe, Xiao Li, Dewi Bekker, Jantine van Peski, Jenny Postle, Laerke Hooge Andersen, Minju Kim, Winde Rienstra, Anastasia Radevich, Anne Vaandrager, Cat Potter and Rianne Suk. For this year’s Modebelofte, the team from You Are Here collaborated with Glamcult Studio, curator Hanka van der Voet and producers Lenn Cox and Gerard Koot. Photography courtesy of Dirk van den Heuvel.

Matija Cop

exhibition text by Mo Veld

Wim Bruynooghe (left), Pauline van Dongen (shoes and dress) and Yoram Tomasoha


Nadine Goepfert and Xiao Li

Maiko Takeda and Duran Lantink

Alfhild Sarah Gulper

Jantine van Peski

Minju Kim (left), Dewi Bekker and Raffaela Grasspointer

Volker Koch (leather accessories left) and Stephanie Baechler

left to right: David Laport, Heleen Blanken (movie), Miriam de Waard and Jaimee Mckenna

RIETVELD ACADEMIE Fashion class of 2013

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

The new semester has already kicked off with a fresh new batch of ambitious fashion students, and I still have to salute the graduate class of 2013! Shame on me. It was a pleasure to have these talents in my class: Niki Milioni, Tumay Faydaci, Alla Kuzmik, Charlotte Beeck, Duran Lantink end Verena Michels. This here is only a selection of photo’s from their graduation show at Amsterdam pop temple Paradiso, by the amazing Team Peter Stigter.

My personal favorite: Verena Michels

'AFARBEITUNG' by Verena Michels

Power to women in crisis

New decadence by Duran Lantink

The 'Lick my clit - I'll suck your dick' dressNew decadence by Duran Lantink

3D printed devinity shoes by Duran Lantink

Trucker-tastic by Charlotte Beeck

On the Road with Charlotte Beeck

Alla Kuzmyk's brave new Ukrainians

Ukrainian folklore by Alla Kuzmyk

Its my party... by Tumay Faydaci

Monistic Group Dynamics in fashion by Tumay Faydaci

Detail and jewelry by Niki Milioni

Grow with me outfit by Niki Milioni